Huntington Beach Pier BMX rider California Adventure bird at sunset
Two surfers in Huntington Beach Volleyball nets at sunsets Huntington Beach Pier Sunset and Palm Trees over Pacific Ocean HB Woody


Huntington Beach Photos - Huntington Beach California

Huntington Beach photos includes pictures of the City of Huntington Beach, California. Huntington Beach is a seaside city in Orange County. It is surrounded by cities Westminster, Sunset Beach and Fountain Valley, plus Costa Mesa.  When visiting Huntington Beach, you'll discover the most popular images are readily available for picture-taking when you bring a camera.  Top icons include the HB Pier, several statues scattered around the anchor downtown area, and of course, you'll want to grab a shot of the beach.  Event driven, you may arrive on the scene for an event such as sports competitions, games or concerts and parades.  You'll probably not catch all of them so you may want to explore online collection to see the flavor of some of these community events

With the sunshine beating down on the beach most days, the picture taking is absolutely the best. Most cameras will compensate for the glare from the sun with their average metering methods.  But one situation that tourists commonly fall prey to is the backlit sun.  In the early to late afternoon the sun hits a position before it's lost its brightness where it may be directly behind your subjects who stand on the pier or beach.  It's really difficult to compensate for the heavily backlit condition that can create glare, even.  You either need to change position or get the subject to completely obscure that light source; then you must use a flash fill at a fairly high level to compensate for the the back lighting.  If it makes you squint your eyes to take that photo, turn your subjects a different direction and sacrifice a bit of your desired surroundings for better lighting control. You can always come back to the location at a different time to capture the setting you wanted.


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